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Homework for Geometry Students

Homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday. Math textbooks are to be kept at home. When it is necessary to have the text brought back to school, plenty of notice will be given. Books should be covered, even when kept at home. The textbook can be used as a resource book when it is not being used for homework assignments.

Students will need a calculator, ruler, compass, color pencils, and scissors for each class.

A downloadable sheet of graph paper is available here Graph paper.

A downloadable sheet of isometric paper is available here. Download isometric graph paper

A downloadable sheet of the orthographic paper is available here. Download orthographic paper

Online homework help is available for each chapter of the textbook. Simply go to Geometry Homework by Chapter and find the chapter and section for which you need help.

An online text is also available. Be sure to bookmark the page! The user name and password were given in class.

For Algebra II help, go to Virtual Nerd and make an account. Use the code yh7wwf.

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VIDEO!! Check out the mathematics of sidewalk illusions (perception art) by clicking this video.